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While the list below is not an all-inclusive summary of the athlete-related assistance that AR can provide, it should give you a strong indication of the diverse, comprehensive nature of our services and capabilities. Much of this support will be delivered directly from our full time in-house team. Certain specialty support will come from our external network of experts. And, at times, we will obtain qualified individuals from your particular region, who have been identified and vetted by our team.

Join our list of growing clients who benefit from our industry-leading guidance and support!


  • Specialized Training Support  - Sport-specific training and equipment, Physical performance Training, Mental skills training, nutrition/hydration assessments.

  • College planning and placement - from start to finish our team can help you play for your dream school, Academic advisements, tutoring services, ESL, ACT, SAT, TOEFL prep and testing.

  • Competition - Tournament/competition planning and scheduling, international events, partnerships and sponsorships - we can help guide you with choices that will have the strongest return on investment.   

  • Student Development - Leadership/communication skills programs, retention efforts, cultural emersion program, General family and/or coach support/guidance.


The Athlete Resource team has decades of combined experience to successfully advise and assist you with the business-related challenges that sports operators face on a daily basis. We stand ready to support you. Our assistance varies, based on your needs and capabilities. From reviews and recommendations to a much more hands-on, implementation oriented approach, we are here to assist in the capacity best suited to your operation.

Primary Areas of Focus

  • Sales and Marketing - our team has vast experience and proven results in sales and marketing efforts.   Our team utilizes streamlines processes to improve results.  Our team will also generate and create an international sales network.   

  • Programming and Scheduling - efficiencies, use of empty space, growing business during downtimes are key efforts in this area.   

  • Social Media and Promotion - allow Athlete Resource to create and implement your social media content plan including promotions with past proven impact.

  • Staffing Guidance - our team uses our network to help find the best fit for your staffing needs and has the ability to analyze your staffing with suggestions to improve productivity and staff time.   

  • Operational and Business Development - assisting companies grow and continuously change to maintain or surpass market speed, our team can access the business and implement change for a positive impact on the company.   New Product growth is a strong driver for the continued growth and Athlete Resource team are up for th challenge.  

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